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Alex Jansen, President, Jansen Construction Company

Alex Jansen


"The projects we pursue are those we believe we can add value to."

Alex Jansen became a general contractor in 1996. He has built hotels for several major brands as well as commercial, retail, and medical projects. While growing his company from a small business to a highly regarded builder in several states, Alex has taken on many roles. "I've worked on just about every level of a project," says Alex, "whether pushing a broom, being the on-site supervisor or project manager, I've done it all." It is this wide range of experience that has taught Alex the value of professionalism and respect. "I have found that the best projects are those where people understand their responsibilities and the expectations are clear. It gives everyone a chance to step up and be part of the project's success."

Alex has been involved in the construction and hospitality industry most of his life. Even before beginning his professional career working in construction financing after graduating from the University of Oregon, Alex was involved in the hospitality industry. "My parents owned a small motel in Southern Oregon so I learned a lot about the challenges and rewards of the hospitality industry from an early age."

Looking forward, Alex sees a bright future for Jansen Construction Company. "We know what we are good at and only bid projects that we truly believe that we can offer clients the best value. We have a terrific team of core employees and sub-contractors that have worked together for years and understand their role in making projects successful," says Alex.

Gina Jansen, Corporate Secretary, Jansen Construction Company

Gina M. Jansen

Corporate Secretary

"Good documentation keeps everyone on the same page."

Gina Jansen has been part of Jansen Construction Company since it was founded. As the company has grown, her responsibilities have expanded to include oversight of finance, accounting, corporate governance and administration. Gina plays a key role in maintaining good communication and understanding between the job site and the client. "Understanding the challenges on the job site are important to effectively manage the project finances," says Gina. "It is critical to always have the client's best interest in mind and that means keeping an eye on the big picture at all times."

Following policies, procedures, and standards ensures the quality of every job and the reputation of Jansen Construction Company. "It's about being professional," says Gina, "having established expectations of our employees and subcontractors helps to keep everyone on the same page during the project." While Gina recognizes "no one likes paperwork," she stresses its importance to employees and subcontractors. "Good documentation can help solve problems that can come up during the project."

Gina understands that no other project is more important to the client than their project. Everyday she strives to exceed their expectations and do her part to make the project run smoothly. "Our clients trust us to look after their best interests. When we are professional in our process and creative in our problem solving, our clients are well served." 

Diane Tressler, Administrative Assistant

Diane Tressler

Administrative Assistant

Diane has worked for Jansen Construction since 2011 as the Administrative Assistant. She has been a part of 16 hotel projects (from start to finish) since she began working here. Being the Administrative Assistant involves working with all of the project managers, superintendents, and office staff. She helps with collecting and filling all subcontractors required paperwork such as insurance, licenses and general information. She has also worked on multiple Operations and Maintenance Manuals for projects Jansen has done in Roseburg, OR, Hillsboro, OR, Salt Lake City, UT, Butte, MT and Charleston, WV.

Project Experience with Other Companies:
Diane worked as an Administrative Assistant at Thermal Supply, Inc. (Portland, OR) for two and half years. She has temped as an Administrative Assistant at Substation Technical Resources (Milwaukie, OR) and Hollywood Lighting Services, Inc. (Portland, OR). She worked in the Student Outreach office at Clackamas Community College from 2003-2006.

Activities & Interest:
I enjoy watching and collecting movies; mainly Horror and Romantic-Comedies. I enjoy reading paranormal romance novels, hanging out with friends and family, and baking.

Favorite Quote: "Don't Sweat The Small Stuff"
Favorite Movie: 
Life Motto: 
Everything Happens For a Reason

Education, Training & Certification:
Bachelor of Science in Speech Communication (Oregon State University) Oregon Notary Public

John Tremel, Superintendent, Jansen Construction Company

John Tremel

General Superintendent

Project Experience with Jansen:

John has worked as an Assistant Superintendent for 12 different hotel projects:

  • Hampton Inn - Walla Walla, WA
  • Marriott Courtyard - Casper, WY
  • Fairfield Marriott - Richfield, UT
  • Hampton Inn - Pocatello, ID
  • Holiday Inn Express - Richfield, UT
  • Cambria Suites - Boise, ID
  • Holiday Inn Express - Twin Falls, ID
  • Hampton Inn - Pendleton, OR
  • Hampton Inn - Federal Way, WA
  • Hampton Inn - Spokane Valley, WA
  • Foothill Hampton Inn - SLC, UT

John has worked as a Superintendent on these Hospitality Remodels:

  • Comfort Inn & Suites - Great Falls, MT
  • Holiday Inn Airport - Colorado Springs, CO
  • Comfort Inn & Suites - Missoula, MT

Project Experience with Other Companies

Framing: Hotels, Medical Buildings, and Custom Homes/Housing Developments
Capri Homes - W.M. McMurray Construction - WY
Framing Custom Homes - Larry Brackenbach Construction - WY
Concrete Foundations & Steel Structures: Casper Building Systems - WY
Theater Remodels in WY
Metal Building Construction - Western Construction - WY

Activities & Interest: Avid Golfer, Fishing, Boating

Favorite Quote: "Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there."

Favorite Movie: Full Metal Jacket

Life Motto: Take Pride In Everything You Do!

Education, Training & Certification:
Journeymen Framer/Carpenter
College courses in Construction Technology

Mark Wagner, Project Manager, Jansen Construction Company

Mark Wagner

Director of Quality

"Technology is great; but it doesn't replace experience."

Mark Wagner has been with Jansen Construction Company for over ten years. He is the longest serving employee at the company. Mark began his career with Jansen Construction Company as a carpenter. He has since held positions as foreman and superintendent, and is currently a project manager.

As a project manager, Mark manages timelines, resources, and materials for projects. While technology has made some aspects of project management easier, Mark points out "a computer program is not the same as experience." Mark believes technology has improved communication between the field and the office. The ability to email images and contact people on site can save time when problem solving. "Building is an art, not a science," says Mark. We have to be able to manage and make necessary adjustments in a timely manner."

Since Mark has worked in so many different aspects of the construction industry, he brings a unique perspective to projects. He finds working on branded projects particularly rewarding. "Branded projects have three standards that have to be met: Jansen Construction Company standards, client standards and brand standards. The finished product has to meet the expectations that customers has of the brand. This is especially important in the hospitality industry where customers rely on brands to provide consistent quality no matter where they are located."

"Individual commitment to a group effort - that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work."

-Vince Lombardi

Jansen Construction - Building, Outside

Why Choose Us?

Jansen Construction Company dedicates a team of professionals to every project. Each member of the team has a defined role and responsibility. This approach ensures that all aspects of the project have dedicated focus throughout the building process.

You will not find a more experienced hotel builder. We count in excess of 60 projects to our credit and have lived the changes and innovations in the hotel industry since 1996.  Our expertise is unmatched and has resulted in recognition from both Hilton and Marriott, two of the largest and most well respected franchise companies in the world.

Everything is about relationships. We are not one project oriented but instead relationship oriented. You should feel comfortable asking questions and bringing up concerns. Listening and empathy are key. We are experts in what we do and you should consider us your resource.

QUALITY is job one. Everything we do starts with the proposition that delivering a quality product is our primary mission.

Accurate record keeping and documentation is essential. It is the part of the circle that often gets neglected by other general contractors. We take pride in making sure our subcontracting partners are qualified and are properly licensed and insured. We also take great care to ensure that we are accurately interfacing with you and your lending partners to bring everyone along comfortably as the project evolves.

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