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Jansen Construction Company


Jansen Construction Company is about family. We are a family-owned business and the way we approach projects for our clients is as we would for our own family. Quality is always first. We are mindful of the projects we take on and we are not a “volume” oriented builder. We would rather pass on a project we cannot properly be attentive to than risk not doing our best work.


Alex and Gina Jansen have been in the building industry since 1991 and have owned their own business since 1993. In 1996 Jansen Construction was formed. Based in Oregon City, Oregon we complete projects throughout the United States. Alex and Gina are both hands-on and active in all projects the company takes on.


“The best projects are those that incorporate all parties from the projects inception with clear and concise goals and expectations. It gives everyone a chance to step up and be a part of the project’s success.”

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Our priority is to make your construction project experience exceptional.

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